Release Date: 2016, December 16

Genre: Action, Documentary, Sport

Distributor: Robyworks

The film "Latvian Rocket" is a documentary about HGK team's journey to the final stage of Formula Drift in America giving us a peek of what hides behind startling achievements. That is a film about enthusiasm, passion, willpower and nerves of steel. "Drift Camp" is an ironic short movie about Matt Powers and Ryan Tuerck coming to see their racing mate Kristaps Bluss in Latvia to attend a drift camp. With a slight dusting of humor and at times paradoxical view, the makers of the film let you see the world of Latvian Drift- how it is seen by others in the rest of the world and what it is really like.

Latvian Rocket | Drift Camp


Latvian Rocket | Drift Camp

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